The Institute of Contemporary History is a central institution for the research of contemporary history in Slovenia. The institute conducts two research programmes: Ideological-political and Cultural Pluralism and Monism in Slovenia and Images of Economic and Social Modernisation in Slovenia in the 19th  and 20th  Century. Furthermore, the digitalization of sources, historical press and Slovenian historiography represents important part of our work (SIstory web portal).

Institute of Contemporary History is located in the very centre of Ljubljana, in the “Casino” building on the Congress Square. Our library’s basic collection consists of around 19,000 books about the contemporary history of Slovenia and Southeastern and Central Europe. The library keeps around 200 titles of historical magazines, dozens of maps, mostly expert maps of our territories in the past and maps dating back to World War II and collection of biographical lexicons, address books, directories and regional lexicons. Besides some 20 antiquities several hundred years old, the library keeps a huge collection of nazi and fascist propaganda literature (remains of Nazi and Fascist occupation) – an excellent source for the research of ideology/discourses of Nazism and Fascism.


Programme Committee: dr Marko Zajc, dr Jernej Kosi, dr Zdenko Čepič

Organizing Committee: Neja Blaj Hribar, dr Marko Zajc, dr Jurij Hadalin